Jay Morales /// Tripping EP

Jay Morales /// Tripping EP

    What meeting people at Amsterdam Dance Event can accomplish! After an encounter (and some heavy partying) with Jay Morales there, Flash Forward Presents signed the Chicago based producer for a first outing at the end of last year: 'Harmum EP' was a fact.

    And see: Morales returns to the Flash Forward Presents label with a brand new EP. On it two exquisite tracks in his own distinctive style, surprising you with the sound palette he each time is able to create.

    See something good? Yes, we do: ’Naper’ is a straight forward tech house stomper that doesn’t let the energy cool down, and that from the beginning till the end. And ‘Tripping’ is an addictive melodic techno tune that accomplishes what its spoken word lyrics promise: mind control.


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